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Location requirements

our criteria for the installation

Location scouting and our requirements

If you are at least 18 years old and have full legal capacity, you can participate: BE A Location-Digger !

It is pretty easy if you know yor city well and keep your eyes open.
Like a real location scout you will explore places that are suitable for us.
Your tip is worth real money!


Criteria / Checklist

Contacts per day - The advertising system should be visible to a sufficient number of people on a daily basis. [Details]

Visibility - The viewer has to be able to perceive the advertising message. [Details]

Owner - The owner of the property receives a rental fee for the duration of the contract. [Details]

Building law - Every location gets verified by our lawyers. [Details]

System - Have a look at our table to find the right system for every location. [Details]

It can be very easy. An example

Most of the time the less attractive looking locations are the best for us. You know someone whose house, office or company building is at a busy, noisy street? Perfect! Sounds like a gold mine. Such properties are mostly just good to be used as parking spaces... or as your Claim. If you know the owner, because he is married to your mother, it's half the battle. Just ask.

We pay a good rental fee and our systems are high enough to park underneath it.

"What do I know?"

If the Digger is not entirely sure about a location, send it to us anyway. Our lawyers will verify it again. But the Claim is only released if every criteria are met.


What it's all about:

LED displays and DOoH*

We are looking for locations throughout Germany for the following applications or devices:

*LED displays and digital „Out of Home“ (DOoH) marketing solutions

Wall-mounted LED video walls

Location requirements:

Contacts per day: 10,000 - 75,000
Surface: 7 m² - 65 m²
Range : 5 m - 500 m

LEDvertise Road Side Screen

Location requirements:

Contacts per day: 10,000 - 75,000
Surface: 7 m² - 65 m²
Range : 5 m - 500 m


Location requirements:

Contacts per day: 3,000 - 5,000
Surface: 1 m² - 1.5 m²
Range : 3 m - 100 m